Dispensing TarotADE

When I was young I used to love to set up a free LemonADE stall with my brothers and sisters. Everyone who came told us that it was like drinking nectar from a divine source. This TarotADE initiative honours the memory of those carefree days. Tarot cards may, of course, be used  simply to tell someone’s fortune. I may have many skills but fortune telling is not one of them. It is my experience that when the cards are read intuitively they reveal many true and hidden aspects of a person’s life, past, present and future.

The iconic images, printed on cards have an extraordinary capacity to reveal, uncover, illustrate and explain so many aspects of our lives. Perhaps you will visit my TarotADE stall and sample a ‘reading’.

Van Life Journals

Study hard, find a well-paid job, save money, buy a house, buy a car, have kids, buy a bigger car, feel trapped every single day. Why? Because society tells you to? Maybe you do not want those things, perhaps you want to spend your money on meaningful experiences, escape the rat race and gain control over your life.   When my father was recovering from the first surgery after being diagnosed with bowel cancer my parents took off to Europe for six months. They didn’t live in a van but they were destination  less. They never booked one night ahead.

I am not waiting, like my father did, to be diagnosed with some horrible disease. Instead, I have chosen to escape the highly pressured working world to live creatively in a van.

My parents did not face a stigma when they took off. However, when you choose to live in a van one of the things you have to address is an old stigma. When you choose to have a mobile art studio that promotes Cartomancy then you really are raising some eyebrows. “Living in a van down by the river” is a common quote used to describe becoming a failure at life. Some people will never understand the choices you have made. Some people will automatically assume you are poor or have no other option. Little do they know that this not only isn’t the case but that you have held down a prestigious job. I feel the stigma and have had to prepare myself to handle this.


Sitting outside my van, dreaming and writing in my journal is one of the very real positives of van life. The prompt is by the resident witch at Magick Makers, Erin Harker.
The deck is the Sakki Sakki Tarot by Monicka Clio Sakki

Travelling With My Dog

If you had asked me a few years ago to picture my future, as much as I’d have liked it to include living in a van and travelling around Australia with a dog, a surfboard, and a laptop on board, I’d probably never have come up with that. It probably would have looked more like smart power dressing and handshakes. I’m really glad it went in this direction instead. Arch, who should be herding reindeer in Finland and I are on quite a learning curve.

Not only are dogs absolute lords, they’ll steer you towards a healthier lifestyle. Physically, they force you to exercise and spend a ton of time in fresh air. Dogs are also good for the heart and naturally get you to socialize more.

Exploring Historic Cemeteries

I have had a life-long love affair with cemeteries. It all began back in childhood growing up in regional Australia, in an area dotted with historic cemeteries. My family would seek out the area’s most interesting cemeteries and picnic there. My father loved to scare us with spooky stories and tales of bodies creeping out of the ground to grab and drag them to secret underground lairs.

“There is a poetic beauty attached to every grave, every cemetery,”

So my beloved companion and I have stopped to take in the history of the Joyces Creek Cemetery, learn about the art of finding peace in a cemetery and enjoy a cup of tea.

Establishing a Mobile Studio

It is my dream to establish a Mobile Studio to bring arts and culture programming to parks and street in under-served remote communities, helping residents, and elected officials re-imagine public space.

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